WHFG 3.0

Edition 3, 2016
Venue : Phayeng, Imphal West

The sacred forest at Phayeng might be the thickest and dense forest in the valley. The festival took place at Konsang Lampak, the field next to the forest. There were around 30 local food stalls from which the local people earned around twenty thousands in average per day. The festival also had the cultural troupe of Phayeng performing their indigenous forms of art like Thougal Jagoi (Dance). The neighbouring Kuki village whose livelihood mostly depend on pineapple farming also participated in the festival by performing their unique traditional dance.

Artists and Bands

  1. Susmit Bose
  2. Alobo Naga
  3. Eastern Dark
  4. Guru Rewben Mashangva
  5. Mangka
  6. Imphal Talkies
  7. Pebet
  8. Ardac Sayon