WHFG 2.0

Edition 2, 2015
Venue : Santhei Park, Andro, Imphal East

The second edition of the festival took place at Santhei Park, Andro which is around 35km away from Imphal. The festival hosted Forest Man of India, Jadav Payeng, a man who raised a forest in Assam on his own. With Jadav Payeng, the volunteers of the festival planted around 1000 tree saplings at Andro and various places of Imphal East. As part of the festival a film based on the life of Jadav Payeng was also screened at Sangeet Kala Sangam Hall at Lamlong Bazar. The festival started on 1st May and took place till 3rd of May. In the morning of 3rd May, many children came to be part of the painting competition. The festival witnessed performances by various bands and artists on the last day. There was also a bicycle rally by around 100 cyclists from Imphal to Andro on the last day.

Artists and Bands

  1. Susmit Bose
  2. Eastern Dark
  3. Guru Rewben Mashangva
  4. Mangka
  5. Imphal Talkies
  6. Pebet
  7. Ardac Sayon